Original Artwork

Here’s some renditions of things I have seen over the years.


Portrait of a Vagal Ganglion (Acrylic, 2015)

This is a portrait, and I have taken artistic liberties. But not so many as did Pablo Picasso with some of his portraits! At least someone who knows vagal ganglia will likely recognize it.


CGRP 6E in the Rat Vena Porta (Acrylic, circa 1992)

This is a painting from a photograph I took when I was a graduate student, of sensory nerve fibers expressing the neuropeptide Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP), in the hepatic portal vein. The portal vein is the big vein that carries nutrients from the gut to the liver. I had hoped to include the image in a publication, but my advisor, Catia Sternini, pointed out that we already had enough photos for the paper. But I liked it so much I painted it. When Catia saw this painting, she liked it too and decided we should include the original photo in the paper, after all. (Goehler, LE & Sternini, C, Calcitonin gene-related peptide innervation of the rat hepatobiliary system, Peptides, 1996, 17:209-217)

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