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What To Do With Kale

Kale is so nutritious, and grows so well in home gardens. But it is kind of tough, and it can be hard to think of things to do with it. This true for other great greens, like collard and mustard as well, and dandelion greens (yes! they are edible and full of nutrients).

One trick if you want to put them in salads is to massage them a bit with your hands to soften them up.

I really like them warm, in soups or wilted in sauces.

My favorite thing to do is add them to Thai curry coconut sauce, with chicken, shrimp or tofu, and red peppers.

For this I cut up raw chicken, raw shelled shrimp or tofu, and marinade it for a little while in curry paste (or garlic chili paste) mixed with a little olive oil. Then I sautee until they are cooked through, and add a can of coconut milk (either regular or “lite” work). Then I add a couple of tablespoons of Thai curry paste (e.g. Thai Kitchen brand) and stir. I slice the greens fatly and add them to the sauce, along with cut up red pepper. When the greens are wilted, we serve it with sliced green onions and lime wedges (to squeeze over) with jasmine or basmati rice. Chopped peanuts are nice to sprinkle over it, too. It can also be mixed in with cooked Thai rice noodles (the fatter ones are easiest to work with). Either way, it’s a quick way to eat delicious, nutritious, colorful things! And if made with tofu, the dish is vegan.

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